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Travis Skaggs Massage Therapist

Welcome. I began my  massage career more than 28 years ago when I enrolled at the Florida Institute of Natural Health (also know as Florida School of Massage) in Gainesville, Florida, in September of 1990. My Massage School experience was preceded by a 3 month bicycle trip starting in Anchorage Alaska shortly after graduating from the University of Arkansas with a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling.

Massage Therapy has been the right vocation for me after trying other career paths. I worked with a bicycle team early my  career,as well as several Olympic marathon runners. Later came many other amateur and professional track and field, (including several world champions and Olympic competitors) martial artists, football, soccer, tennis, hockey, triathlete and baseball athletes. I have worked with hundreds of professional athletes during my career.

 I have the mindset of dedication and hard work evidencing the many years of living in the Midwest and a Mother who instilled those values in me at an early age.  I have worked long hours in massage for most of my career in Massage Therapy.

My approach is eclectic in nature and not specific to any one method of bodywork. I  primarily uses a blend of structural and postural evaluation, Trigger Point Therapy (also trained in Shiatsu and Ashiatsu and Acupressure), Myofascial Release and Assisted Stretching (primarily the Aaron Mattes Method of Active Isolated Stretching, Deep Tissue Massage, Connective Tissue Massage, Massage Cupping,

I have  highly developed palpation skills and know the difference between tissue that is optimal for performance and tissue that is dysfunctional  Try my Massage Therapy and feel the difference in performance and well being.

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