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I first became aware of the power of properly applied Sports Massage in 1988 when I was pursuing a Master's Degree in Counseling at the University of Arkansas.  I was doing extensive running that year because I was trying to qualify and then run the Boston Marathon.  I hired a great coach who helped me with the complexities of training such as frequency, duration, and intensity of effort.  She didn't neglect the nutritional aspect of training either. I stayed on the food budget that she designed because I wanted to be as lean as possible.  It was during one of the speed sessions on the track at the University of Arkansas that I felt major pain in my lower leg.  It was so bad that walking was difficult. My coach referred me to, Robin Devine, a sports massage therapist who worked on several of the major athletes at the University of Arkansas. I made a massage appointment and was amazed at the results. The treatment was painful, but I was able to return to running within three days.  

I was so impressed that I decided to learn how to do Sports Massage.  I applied to the school where Robin was trained--The Florida Institute of Natural Health (also known as Florida School of Massage) in Gainesville, Florida.  I was accepted and started school there in September of 1990.  I took the regular program as well as Shiatsu and the Sports Massage training which was taught by Michael Loomis.  It was there in Gainesville that I met and became friends with Gerard Hartmann a world class triathlete, who later became a famous massage and physical therapist for major world class athletes including Suzy Favor Hamilton, Paula Radcliffe, Khalid Khannouchi, Bob Kennedy, Liz McColgan, Greta Waitz, scores of  many other elite Olympic athletes.

Gerard suggested that to help my career I should work with Aaron Mattes, an internationally respected Therapist that he knew and had interned with in Sarasota, FL.  Aaron agreed to hire me and I moved to Sarasota to study under Aaron.   I loved to work with  Aaron.   He shared his knowledge and many years of experience with me from 6:00 Am to 8:00 PM on a daily basis.

 Aaron maintained a busy clinic practice and also shared his extensive knowledge in seminars on the weekends. His Midwest roots have helped him seek fulfillment in his work, as well as the desire and the stamina to work long hours.  It was a great opportunity to assist him with seminars and stretching events such as week long sessions for the Track team at the University of Michigan and other schools.

I later moved to St. Petersburg to date Vicki Harwick.  She and I fell in love, married, in 1993.  We  started a sports, pain and injury recovery clinic in the spring of 1994 which is still in operation.  I read many books and attended many lectures.

My clients have been the greatest teachers of all.  It was the clients that taught me about optimal tissue texture and how to tell the difference between functional and dysfunctional tissue.  When I helped them get the proper tissue texture, they got better and performed better. 

Techniques are just tools and by themselves do not create good therapy.  I focused on the tissue texture and found my own method of therapy, rather than trying to become a clone of some  guru who never worked on thousands of people.

 I do have great respect for many of my teachers including Dr. Van Zandt, Profession Emeritus at the University of Arkansas. I think he was very insightful  when he stated that, " learning is the organization of material into meaningful patterns", (meaningful patterns for the teacher, not the student)  I  organized the material into my own meaningful patterns and found that my client list grew and I became very busy indeed.


I appreciate the many wonderful people who have come to our clinic.  I also feel fortunate to live in Florida where there are so many wonderful days of sunshine and places available to participate in outdoor activities. I love to and ride my bicycle, especially the tandem with my beautiful wife, Vicki.

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