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  Sports Massage Therapy

Are you an athlete in the St. Petersburg Florida or the Tampa Bay area, or willing to travel to the Saint Petersburg area in order to perform in your sport better, recover faster, and feel better?  We can help with sports massage, stretching, hot and cold therapy, ultrasound, Medicupping, and proper planning for recovery.  Prevention of injury is a primary concern of ours.  Good recovery will help you toward your goal of remaining  injury free. 

The texture of your tissue can be a primary warning sign of trouble.  It can also let you know when your body is ready for a good performance.  Our palpation skills are highly developed to feel the difference. 

Timing of the hands on contact is the key for successful sports massage.  Too deep or too long just prior to an event can retard performance.  Post event should be designed to relax and enhance recovery. Each person will have a different set point for the stretch reflex to activate. Massage that is too deep will activate it.  Working too deeply can cause muscle injury, so we respect the stretch reflex to enhance recovery not retard it.

Sometimes an injury occurs in spite of all the preventative measures that were taken. Working with injuries requires a therapist who has had extensive experience working with injuries and a track record of helping patients recover from  those injuries. Be careful in choosing an oil spreader just out of massage school! 

Sometimes injuries require the assistance and guidance of a Medical Doctor.  A good therapist knows when to refer out. Good assessment skill should include the ability to administer good orthopedic screening tests, as well. 

Vicki Harwick and Travis Skaggs excel in all categories of successful sports massage therapists. We have been doing long hours of massage six days a week for more than 28 years.  Numerous world class professional athletes trust their bodies with our therapy.  Why Trust your Body to anyone else?


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