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Massage Therapy Reviews St Petersburg Florida

  • 2.22.2020 B.R. wrote,"  Well for what it is worth, you set the standard for a great massage. I talk about you anytime I’m injured. I say “sure wish I lived in Tampa so I could get a massage by Travis!” We nicked named you Jesus because you could heal by the power of touch. Or maybe it was because that is what we said as you dug in? Thank you for being so dedicated and setting the Bar so high!"

  • 9.16.17 A.D wrote, " Experts! Super happy to find this clinic!"

  • 7.13.17 N.H. wrote, "Vickki (sp) is so good at massaging and getting all the problem areas and is a delight to have her working on you!:)

  • 6.29.17 N.H. wrote, " Vicki was a true professional and a compassionate person during my experience. It was refreshing to have her work on me and more refreshing to meet a kind soul, thank you! :) "Square up review

  • 10.27.2016 Peggy Spoor wrote, "

    “I have severe, degenerative osteoarthritis.  For the past 13 years, Vicki has kept me mobile...both before and after my two hip and two shoulder replacements.  She has an amazing knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and is very intuitive as to how to address your specific pain.  As she massages, she educates as to what is she doing and why which allows you to feel more in control of your body and your pain.  Give yourself the best gift you can....the gift of pain relief and body knowledge.”
  • 12.29.15 B.W  wrote, “Travis was one of the best, most knowledgeable therapist that I have ever experienced! Highly recommend!”

  • 5.1.2014 Theresa Morese wrote on Google Plus, "Anyone looking for the best massage therapy in the world visit Travis & Vicki Skaggs at 1506 54th Ave N, St Petersburg Fl. 727-522-4263. They are wonderful, if you are looking for an awesome massage. They both know their Anatomy & Physiology. I got another massage today from Vicki. I was in a lot of discomfort thru my neck an upper back area. That was hours ago and I got a new body by the time I left she and Travis are wonderful. I have had massages with both...Don't continue to live life uncomfortable, muscles sometimes need extra help in their stretching ability. They have miracle hands. Check them out!

  • 3.19.2014 R.A. Wrote in an email, "Hey Travis,
    sorry it’s been a while but i just wanted to say thank you for an awesome job on our tri camp. Everyone loved you and felt so much better after you worked on them.. In fact my Wife T. doesn’t shut up about you! Hopefully we can do it again next year.. Much appreciated and hope to see you soon."

  • 11. 15, 2013 B.H. wrote on our Facebook Page, Travis is one of the best massage therapists ever. I came to him after many medical issues, and was loosing the functionality of my left arm from a cortisol shot that hit a nerve on my side under my arm.After the medical professionals brushed it off, trips to physical therapy, nothing was working. Travis found the trigger point that had tighten up muscles under my arm and released it, and I fully regained the use of my arm. I could go on and on, but you get my drift. He is a kind, considering person, which gives 120% to his clients. He always greets you with enthusiasm and smile that is sincere." 

  • 6. 3, 2013 E.L. wrote on our Facebook Page, "'I'm a track & field runner who formerly competed for Boston University. Travis did some work on an injury I had in Jan and July of 2012. It was thanks to Travis I was able to compete in the outdoor track season my senior year in which I wound up running faster than ever before. He did a fantastic job. He and Vicki are really nice people as well.

  • Google Reviews 9.11.12: S.S. wrote"Travis and V are the BEST! I started seeing them back in 2000 for TMJ, and C-spine issues related to a motor vehicle accident. Vicky is amazing and able to pinpoint my trouble spots almost instantly! Also, Travis gives an incredible sports massage. He is almost always booked up, so may an appointment well in advanced, particular if there is a big race in town...as many of the elite and pros come in to see the T-Man! He's my pre and post race massage of choice.
    Try them once, and you will be hooked!"
  • 4. 21, 2012 Z.B. wrote on our Facebook Page, " These guys know what they are doing. No BS.

  • Liz wrote "I had a 
    pregnancy massage here months ago. It was amazing. Vicki did such a great job. She is wonderful with deep tissue massage techniques! I left there feeling incredible. It was difficult finding a place that had either the pregnancy cushions or table that allow you to lay completely face down. They have the cushions, & they were perfect! I felt as if a 30 lb weight had been lifted off of me. If you are expecting, treat yourself to a pregnancy massage by Vicki. You will be so glad you did

  • J. C. wrote on our Facebook page, "Travis you cured my neck!!! I can finally move my head back and forth...you rock!!! See you two soon I hope!"

  • C.C. wrote on our Facebook page, "Travis is a highly talented therapist. Working in the field of holistic health, I am surrounded by physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists. He is very skilled in neuromuscular and sports modalities. He understands the importance of myofascial release and pnf stretching which is integral to the health of an athlete, allowing them to improve posture and range of motion, which is critical to enhancing performance. As a Crossfit athlete, having good range of motion and the ability to make remarkable gains in progress in Metcons as well as olympic lifting, gymnastics and strength, is a direct correlation as to why massage has escalated my achievements. Thank you Travis Skaggs
  • M. S. wrote on our Facebook page, " They are the BEST at keeping my running/exercise injuries and inflammations at bay."

  • K.D.
    wrote on our Facebook page, " I've been getting my massages here from Travis for a couple of years now!  He is amazing at working things out!"

  • J. H.  wrote on our Facebook page, " Best deep tissue massage you will ever find.  Travis IS the man!!"

  • MR.  wrote on our "Facebook page," I've been a client of Travis since 1998.  His deep tissue massage is the Best of the Bay."

  • S.S.  wrote on our"Facebook page, Finally a FB page! Just for my "birthday" email! Will be making an appointment soon!  You two are the BEST!

    S. B. wrote: "Dear Vicki, I just wanted to take a couple of minutes and thank you for the work you did on my back yesterday. I can not believe the flexibility I have in my neck! My lower back has not felt this loose for years! Although I still feel that it was worked on, I can already tell the difference in how I feel. I know you gave me homework; ice and heat and I will religiously follow your instructions. Thank you again. You made me feel better and helped me sleep better. I can't wait for my next appointment.

  • P.K.  wrote on our Facebook page, "Travis is absolutely one of the BEST there is!!  ITs worth the trip and you won't be dissapointed.  He offers years of experience and 1st hand knowledge and expertise."

    October 16, 2008 Creative Loafing magazine  awards Travis Skaggs, LMT, Best of the Bay, "
    . . ."If you want a masseuse who will gently manipulate those chakras to the strains of new age music, there are probably better practitioners than Skaggs. But if you seek an effervescent guy in his mid-50s who’s in great shape and understands athletic injuries and the athletic mindset, then you can hardly do better. Travis keeps up on the latest modalities and techniques, knows his physiology and will come up with strategies to relieve those aches and improve performance. He’ll work you over hard — but not harder than you can stand. He and his wife Vicki Harwick work out of a small St. Pete storefront."


  • A. D. says,  "A massage is just one of those little luxuries for some, but it's a necessity for others. Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage to pamper you, or you've got some real "tissue issues," try Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy.

    This clinic is owned by a dynamic husband-and-wife team, Vicki and Travis, who are professional, warm and caring. Both of them are athletes and many of their clients are also athletes who have very specific requirements for their ongoing performance. Other clients are less athletic (that would be me) but still profit from Vicki and Travis' wealth of knowledge on the musculoskeletal system and different techniques of massage. I went there because a friend recommended Vicki for her abilities in deep tissue massage, a type of massage geared towards releasing really tight and injured muscle tissue. I had badly injured one knee several months earlier, and my whole leg kept swelling every day even though the bruising had gone away. A gentle massage from Vicki and the daily swelling was a thing of the past. I go there now for monthly maintenance so that I don't get in as bad a shape as I was in -- years of back, leg and shoulder injuries have taken their toll.
    Advanced Soft Tissue recently relocated to a new office just off of 16th St. North at 54th Avenue North, by Putnam Paint and Hardware. It is beautifully decorated on the inside, and the relaxing music and massage will make you feel like a new person. A one hour massage runs about 60 dollars, and it is well worth it. I have been going there for almost three years now, and I am happy to have met this wonderful couple. I think you will like them, and the quality of the massage that they offer, too." Also posted at
  • Carl Valle, USATF II, CSCS, in an interview for Crossfit Journal  concerning Recover and Regeneration says, " I  would say my last advancement in world of recovery and regeneration was forged by Travis Skaggs. Travis is a brilliant soft tissue therapist in Tampa. Not only did he prove that his methods of massage and body work were the top in the world, but he could dive in to absolute areas of recovery that others were not only not aware of, but do it with amazing success. Watching him work on athletes in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and Olympic track sprinters made me understand what my own training did on the athlete, a period of time that coaches don’t invest in time wise. I needed to know if my intensities and volumes were too much for the athlete or if the postural changes being invested in were actually happening. Travis never failed to be fully honest about my training and helped me refine areas of training that helped athletes improve their training dramatically."
  • Pam Kalio Triathlon Coach says, " I am a 54 year old triathlete and had knee surgery in December of 06 which led to  several major complications  -  bottom line I could not run and had extensive knee and leg pain day and night.  I started seeing Travis for Massage in April of 07.  He diligently worked on my problems to determine the root cause of the pain.  Through his extensive  experience  and knowledge he was not only able to determine what was causing the pain, but did this during the time that I was trying to train for an Ironman.  It is thanks to Travis that I am even able to compete in an Ironman less 1 year after major knee surgery.  He had been recommended to me by others for years, but I was never willing to make the drive across the bay.  Believe me - now  I am a weekly client  and the drive is not an issue when you have the opportunity to have someone with his experience and ability work on your structural problems.  He also alleviates the normal aches and pains of training, daily life and work.  Thanks Travis - for ALL you have done !!

  • C.M. says, "I have to tell you that since my therapy last night bending over to touch my toes is no longer a five step process. Prepare for pain. bend half way, grab something to steady self from pain, slowly ease the rest of the way, find other things to do while there to make the pain worth the trip. Seriously, I went to another therapist for months and did not get the results one session with you accomplished. Thank-you so much!"

  • Kat S. says, "Anyway, you both are excellent in your practice and are wonderful inspirations, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you both.  Thank you for helping to keep my muscles strong and supple during my pregnancy.  Best wishes, and keep healthy!"

  • MR wrote " TRAVIS IS THE MAN!   I have been a client of Travis' since 1998.  I was originally referred to Travis by my coach, as well as several friends that were athletes.  I came to truly appreciate his knowledge and expertise when I was injured in a bike/car accident one year later.  He was the only health professional who offered me relief from my pain in a non-pharmaceutical way.  He was with me through multiple rehab facilities, several orthopedists and finally, surgery.  Travis worked with me and showed me the light at the end of the tunnel.  He continuously encouraged me to push forward to recover.  Through these past few years he continues to be an integral part of my healthcare and why I am able to remain so physical in my activities and sports.  I see him regularly, as a part of my training when I am healthy, and for treatment when I am injured. In closing, I would like to say that I admire his continuous quest for knowledge concerning the evolving methods of treatment through massage and offer that a professional more dedicated to those whom he treats you will not find." 

  • E.A. says, "Travis Skaggs and Vicki Harwick have been our family (5) massage therapists for over seven years. Whether we are in need of specific healing for a sports injury or just simple relaxation, they are the best. Being up to date in several massage modalities makes Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy the one stop place to go for your needs. Besides a great massage, they can suggest stretches/exercises to speed with recovery. It is comforting to have a couple that are educated and sensitive to a variety of needs."

  • Jennifer N says, "Whenever I am in town, I try to get a massage from Travis or Vicki.  I have received numerous massages from various experts including but not limited to:  massage schools for the blind in Indonesia, experts in Swedish massage in Europe, and numerous certified massage therapists in the US.  None of those massages were as good as either Travis or Vicki. Specifically, both Travis and Vicki have a unique ability to find "kinks, imbalances, knots, etc." and more importantly work with your body (not against) to help with everyday stress, specific injuries, and/or sports related wear and tear.  Travis and Vicki create a relaxing environment and experience that have truly helped my body recover from stress or a strenuous workout.  I highly recommend Travis and Vicki. "  

  • Wendy C. Johnson of Motion Sports Management says, "Travis Skaggs has worked on me for many years. I’ve learned so much about health, fitness and general well being from him. I also have gotten relief from my various nagging injuries that sometimes turn to chronic pain. Before my most recent visit I had tired a number of other therapies including physical therapy, chiropractic care and an orthopedic. Travis had me walking without pain immediately. I was back on the bike the next day and out running the second day. If I’m injured or want to avoid being injured, Travis has the answers. "

  • H.H. Says, "I was in constant pain from a shoulder injury. Doctor-recommended pills gave short-term help. Relaxation massages made me feel better for awhile but not for long. Travis took time to understand my problem(s). He addressed them in a way that I have not experienced before including showing deep respect for the injury. It took a couple of sessions but the therapy allowed the injury to heal and it solved the issues of related muscle pain caused while trying not to move the shoulder. In short, the problem was solved. I've recommended a number of people with shoulder, back or leg pain with the complete confidence that their problems also will be solved."

  • Sherry P. says, "Travis, Thanks for the fabulous sports massage!! I am an active triathlete and I am so grateful to find a great sports massage. I did the Ironman distance triathlon last year and I'm now training for another. I sure couldn't have made it without you. I really thought I was going to be sidelined due to leg injury early in the season. Your advice and healing massage were a winning combination for me. You helped make my dream come true. . . YOU'VE GOT THE TOUCH. Thanks Again."

  • J.S. Says, "Coming off of a serious swimming shoulder injury I didn't know if I would be able to compete again. Under their care I have started to enjoy my sport again and look forward to a complete recovery. Incredibly talented therapists and just plain good people." See The Healers 

  • Bob W. says, " I will have to re-iterate the comment “TRAVIS IS THE MAN!” Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy and Travis have helped me for several years. From preparing for Ironman events to healing the aches and pains of everyday life, Travis has always been able to identify and correct all of my ailments. I have had several unique issues from knee, back and neck pain. Travis has always been able to alleviate my issue and get me back on the road to training. His advice and therapy have really been on the forefront in comparison to other therapists. Thanks Travis!
  • D.E. says, "Travis, One of the best pre race massages ever last year. Will not do St.Anthony's this year. Way too many people. Looking to move to St. Pete area in the near future. Will definitely be in to see you."
  • J.L says," Thanks, Travis and thanks for the awesome massage!"

  • B.T, says, "Congrats on the Best of the Bay for Message Therapist. You should get best of the Nation!"

  • BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST (ESPECIALLY FOR JOCKS) Travis Skaggs SEP. 12, 2008 7:34 P.M  If you want a masseuse who will gently manipulate those chakras to the strains of new age music, there are probably better practitioners than Skaggs. But if you seek an effervescent guy in his mid-50s who’s in great shape and understands athletic injuries and the athletic mindset, then you can hardly do better. Travis keeps up on the latest modalities and techniques, knows his physiology and will come up with strategies to relieve those aches and improve performance. He’ll work you over hard but not harder than you can stand. He and his wife Vicki Harwick work out of a small St. Pete storefront. A Good Massage, 1506 15th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, 727-522-4263

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