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Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy, Inc. 1506 54TH Avenue North, Suite # 1 

St Petersburg,  Florida 33703    vickiandtravis@gmail.com  Tel: 727-522-4263 



(727) 522-4263

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Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy, Inc.
1506 54TH AVE N STE 1
Saint Petersburg
United States
Tel: 727-522-4263

MA11602 MA12169  MM9860


Massage Therapists: Vicki Harwick LMT and Travis Skaggs LMT

  • Massage Sessions at our Clinic :

  • $ 40      30   Minutes of Massage Therapy

  • $  70      60   Minutes of Massage Therapy 

  • $100    90   Minutes of Massage Therapy

  • $135   120   Minutes (Couples massage price also)

  • Outcall Massage  prices within 15 miles of clinic as according to maps.google.com

  • $100     60   Minutes of Massage Therapy

  • $130     90  Minutes of Massage Therapy

  • $165   120  Minutes of Massage Therapy  (Couples massage price also)


  • We charge the same price for all types of massage therapy, from relaxing massage to deep tissue massage, so there is no confusion about the cost.   

  • Our massage hour is based on  60 minutes of therapy rather than the standard "50 minute massage".  

  • All clients are welcome, from the senior citizen to the world class athlete.

  • Our tables are sturdy, nice and comfortable and ADA compliant.

We hope to see you soon.  Vicki and Travis

  Cash, and checks preferred. All major credit cards accepted. 

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1506 54TH AVE N  Ste. 1
St. Petersburg ,
United States
Tel: 727-522-4263