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Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy, Inc. "A Good Massage", 1506 54TH Avenue North, Suite # 1  St Petersburg,  Florida 33703 Tel: 727-522-4263 

Massage for Pain Relief  St. Petersburg, FL 

Are you in Pain?

Many people seek our services for headache pain, chronic low back pain, tightness in the neck, spasms in the shoulders and other painful areas of the body.

The roots of pain may be in postural distortions, repetitive  motion, over stretching, muscle spasms, or reactions to stressors.  Whatever the cause, we can assist you in your search to reduce or eliminate your pain. 

Many times early treatment can make the difference between a speedy recover and lingering soft tissue injuries.  Call us and we will be happy to discuss your situation.  Vicki and Travis 

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