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Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy, Inc. 1506 54TH Avenue North, Suite # 1  St Petersburg,  Florida 33703 Tel: 727-522-4263 


We provide Deep Tissue Massage Therapy at our St. Petersburg massage clinic, your office, your home or at events.  Deep Tissue Massage, which is also know as Deep Muscle massage, or Deep Pressure Massage uses deep pressure and slow strokes to release chronic areas of tension and contractions. A high percentage of our clients prefer this type of massage. 

Our therapy is not only deep, but very specific. Many athletes prefer this type of massage because it can help with recovery and increase performance. A person skilled in this technique will be able to go deep, but not damage or bruise the tissue.  Therefore applying deep tissue massage techniques require a strong, yet sensitive therapist. We will use the pressure that you like.

The ability to judge the tissue texture of the tissue and to feel the stretch reflex response by the therapist is crucial. One of our clients stated that the deep tissue massage that she received at our clinic was like, " an iron fist in a velvet glove".  Try us and feel the difference.

Our deep tissue massage is on of the best deals in the TampaBay area because we do not charge extra for extra pressure.  One price at our clinic.  The only way you will pay more is if you request extra time.